Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Weekend Greyhounds

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Weekend Greyhounds

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TODAY NEWCASTLE (BAGS) 2.24 (480m): Queenies Ace, Woodys Harry, Cabin Fever, Mill Yolanda, Mustang Carla, Alnwick Rose. 2.42 (480m): Late Riser, Dipton Maestor, Tullymurry Idaho, Newlawn Renee, Nothing Ventured, Queenies Vinny (W).

2.58 (480m): Alnwick Prince, Target Satin, Spuds Place, Wazokie Flight, Hee Haws Winnifer, Marys Command (W).

3.18 (480m): Clomantagh Pedro, Steel Bolt, Tullylee, Drumna Sun, Romeo Squadron, Lilys Mate (W).

3.37 (480m): Ice Girl, Any Cheek, Conna Banger, Cu Sith Call, Time In Havana, A Bit Of Neville (W).

3.53 (480m): September Stars, Alnwick Lillie, Clem Fandango, Till Robin, Leathems Hero, Target Kenzie. 4.14 (290m): Romeo Nato, Dan The Fixer, Canny Magpie, Archaton Spark, Woodys Bahama, Romeo Dybala (W).

4.28 (290m): Rileys Ruby, Cragbrien Daisy, Wraysbury Dawn, War Front, Canny Agnes, Dragon Reagan. 4.47 (480m): Hans Solo, Quare Grove, Target Cashmere, Canny Make It, Voss Man, Ashgrove Mccoy. 5.07 (480m): Bellmore Bling, Ulster Hawk, Elwick Spirit, Geordie Jess, Marks Evie, Dunvegan Lad (W). 5.27 (480m): Kathnottheboss, Scarlet Sansa, Rileys Stan, Ryleigh Beau, Quare Weather, Wazokie Ranger. 5.44 (480m H/c): Hats On Hector (10), Mustang Melon (7), Sals Reflection (6), Vigorous Finito (5), Target Diva (3), Coloured Road (scr).

5.58 (480m): Cocos Teddy, Mollys Bonnie, Spyinthesky, Bog Trotter, Drumcrow Sly, Jetts Jasper. 6.16 (480m): Dreams of Dunelm, Hipsway Luas, Northwest Lass, Ballymac Mortey, Laneboy She, Geordie Cassie (W).

NEWCASTLE 7.39 (480m): Babs Stardust, Vanzari, Jumeirah Mrs Kay, Lumina Python, Sunoak Freya, Troopers Para. 7.54 (480m H/c): Coloured Valley (12), Attykitt Viking (12), Bramble Dazzler (10), Colliery Diamond (7), Shy Guy (4), Farloe Raider (scr).

8.10 (480m): Cum Laude, Arctic Tiger, Express Bay, Dubai Lucky, Tourbo Ten, Bloos Glaisestar (W).

8.26 (480m): Get On Lola, Bramble Scoobie, Mo Chuisle, Nalas Berry, Bramble Alicja (W), Selkirk Marches. 8.42 (480m H/c): Donegal Dubh (13), Canny Bluebury (9), Canny Winnie (7), Alnwick Keira (7), Coolavanny Gorge (3), Highview Boss (scr).

8.58 (290m): Headford Sky, Copeland Bolt, Ballymac Sexton, Thatll Do So, Colliery Deedee, Edwards Memorie (W).

9.15 (480m): Ballymac Sheriff, Wraysbury Act, Joy Again, Crooks Caitlyn, Tys Champion, Hearty Rebel. 9.32 (480m H/c): Canny Act (11), Slaneyside Jude (10), Crooks Heidi (7), Shellam Larry (7), Killieford Holly (3), Live It Fast (scr).

9.48 (480m): Bramble Rush, Vics Desnhelen, Some Reaction, Vics Paddys, Drivers Gold, All Too Hard. 10.03 (480m): Bramble Tudor, Swift Chaser, Pennys Tingle, Casino Harry, Ashbank Senna, Jumbos Brother (W).

10.18 (480m): Slippery Amigo, Droopys Bouchard, Crooks Emporio, Cooneen Jack, Kush Kush, Amadan Beag (W).

10.35 (480m): Crooks Cruiser, Some Woman, Smoothreaction, Bramble Robson, Ashbank Puma, Going All In (W).

SUNDERLAND (Subject to alteration) 7.30 (450m): Blastoff Maya, Archaton Sliver, Dinnington Pearl, Is She Diesel (M), Vacant, Privilege (W).

7.47 (261m H/c): Slipper Skipper (M), Ballyloo Queen (M), Shaunas Vision, Glenburn Angel (M), Lisquinlan Steel, Get There Joejoe. 8.04 (450m): Farloe Mac, Poolie Tommy, Shelby Bobiden (M), Darlo Wallsy (M), Vacant, Slatta Ducky (M). …

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