Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)


Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)


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OURS is a region of Britain with a rich radical tradition and I was musing on the North East's impressive contribution to socialism and democracy when I heard Theresa May is to grovel in front of the dwindling, demoralised blue brigade for her election mistake at the forthcoming Tory Party Conference. Note her apology will be to the group of people known as the Conservative Party to save her own skin rather than to the country as a whole which might prove the first sensible thing Mrs May-Day's done this year.

The truth is most of us were pleased she gambled and lost, the moans of grieving Right-whingers over a lost Parliamentary majority a celestial choir to the ears of everybody else celebrating the defeat of Tory plans to steal free school lunches from the mouths of infants and cheat pensioners of a comfortable retirement.

Anyway, I was in my kitchen thinking of our contribution to social progress and how I must visit the churchyard of St Mary the Virgin in Morpeth when May-Day's job rescue was broadcast. Her personal plea to survive as Prime Minister, as self-indulgent an SOS as it is humanly possible to construct, is a nudge to go to commemorate and celebrate the life of Emily Wilding Davison, a Longhorsley lass who inspires beyond the grave.

On the impressive gravestone of a Suffragette who lost her life in the noble struggle for votes for women, trampled to death by the King's horse in the 1913 Epsom Derby, is a slogan of the Women's Social and Political Union: "Deeds not words."

The stricture is as relevant in 2017 as it was 104 years ago and the Tory PM, I'm afraid, fails the test miserably.

She's incapable of walking her talk and these days is just about managing to cling on to the keys of Downing Street which again is probably just as well when the reality is the Tories are hell-bent on making life harder for people struggling to make ends meet and she's busy creating burning injustices, not putting them out. …

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