Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)


Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)


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HECK your white privilege."

" Was a sentence uttered to me this week.

By a white lady. Check your white privilege... Said the white lady. With the white husband. And white children.

After she had tried to shove an article down my throat about white privilege, written by another white lady - after feeling I didn't respond with the appropriate amount of enthusiasm. This has been a terrifying week for equality.

In the age of social media... where every phone is a camera and every moment available for real-time documentation; with our ability to broadcast material and images to the entire world in mere seconds (so much so, that people screen their social media posts with absolute scrutiny lest an unwise update lead to them losing their jobs).

This week, in this age that we live in, members of the Ku Klux Klan, attended a violent demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia, without their hoods on.

Barefaced. Unmasked. Totally assured in the belief that they would face no consequences - something they would not dared have done 100 years ago.

Able to hide behind a president that assured them that they weren't solely to blame for their actions.

White privilege does exist, and is something that must be eradicated, or we will never know civilian peace.

But being dictated to about it, by my fellow white women is, to me, the height of arrogance, on their part. I know that white people are treated differently. I experience it, from the sidelines every time my black husband and I try to check into a fivestar hotel.

And they ask him for proof of I.D. before they let him near the suite, but hand me a key no questions asked.

I observe it when my husband nips out for a cigarette, during a function where he is the keynote speaker and has to call me when the maitre d' refuses him re-entry.

Because without his white wife to validate him, he is just another big black man, covered in tattoos and scars.

My husband loves to go out walking at night. He loves the silence and serenity it affords him.

I would never let him do that, in a country where police and civilians carry guns. …

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