Newspaper article Gympie Times, The Qld.

They're a New Level of Silly; I'm Not a Commentator But

Newspaper article Gympie Times, The Qld.

They're a New Level of Silly; I'm Not a Commentator But

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Byline: Colin Claridge

WELL, strike me pavlova and call me Phar Lap!

This Section 44C saga has just gone to a whole new level of silly.

And I'm not just thinking of the situation the Deputy PM has now found himself in.

Poor Barnaby.

I've never quite been able to even work him out if he was a New South Welshman pretending to be a Queenslander for much of his career.

But I do sympathise with him on this occasion.

It's not just because he's become fodder for a certain D-grade celeb-type on her Twitter feed.

It's not just for the comparisons drawn with Wal of Footrot Flats.

Simply, one shouldn't be held accountable for the sins of one's father.

Surely we can forgive him for being a half-Kiwi.

But no.

It's gone to a whole new level of silly because our Foreign Minister has now decided to become this country's number one conspiracy theorist.

Julie Bishop's claims of a cross-Tasman Labor collusion to bring down the Turnbull Government would be laughable if it wasn't so serious a diplomatic matter.

Quite frankly, Ms Bishop demeans her office, diminishes her reputation and degrades our cousins across the ditch.

Her claims are political grandstanding of the highest level (or lowest, depending on your viewpoint).

But she didn't stop there.

To then suggest that her Government might now find difficulty in working with a future Labour government in Wellington, is beneath contempt.

NZ is in the middle of an election campaign.

How can she allege that this is meddling by a foreign power in Australian politics without the Kiwis regarding her comments, as possibly attempting to influence the outcome of their election?

Sure, it doesn't reach the heights of Russian interference in the US presidential campaign but still.

Penny Wong's Chief of Staff raised the dual citizenship issue with a NZ MP after the media had done the same thing. …

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