Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Strong Stance Is Needed with Car Park Vandals

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Strong Stance Is Needed with Car Park Vandals

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HAVING read the article about the wanton damage on the Majuba Car park, Redcar (The Gazette 31.08.17).

I for one think its time councils took a very hard stand against these little toerags. In case the council are able to catch the perpetrators, of this crime, I would like to see a strong stance shown towards these vandals.

If these people are youngsters, then through the courts the council should go for payments for repair and restoration, on to the parents, they are responsible for the toerags.

Another thing councils should do, not just in Redcar but every council, is find out if these people are in social housing and if so issue the parents with an order. This order being on the terms of your child has caused damage to both council and rate payers' property, this being the proven case, if anything like this happens again by anyone in your household, you will be given notice to leave the social housing property, and will have to rent from a private landlord.

It's time parents took control of these thugs and vandals roaming the streets out of control, and time councils took a more robust stance against these people and stopped the costs always falling on the taxpayers.

JEFF BURTON, Stockton Moving forward...

with stationery? SOME years ago, despite knowing it would be a costly affair, some bright spark in Middlesbrough Council decided that all stationery had to include the phrase "Middlesbrough Moving Forward" although why anyone would think a town would move backwards baffled me!

All councillors here are provided with home computers connected to the town hall in order that requests for work/ complaints can be sent in and answered quickly.

Recently, I needed to speak with a member of staff on an urgent matter but when I tried telephoning I was met with a recorded message telling me I was fifth in the queue waiting to be dealt with.

After waiting over seven minutes for the queue to die down, I decided to send an email instead. That was sent at 1.24pm on Wednesday, August 23, and by Friday, August 25, at 11am it had not reached the member of staff who was waiting for my instructions.

If that is an example of "mov-ing forward" as my old dad would have said, I'll eat hay with a donkey!

Cllr JOAN MCTIGUE, Beechwood, Saltersgill, Sutton, Longlands, Holmwood, Grove Hill Honour the result of Brexit vote COUNCILLOR Steve Kay (The Gazette letters 01.09.17) is right to say that Jeremy Corbyn appears to have made a sudden U-turn in suggesting we should remain in the single market and the customs union at the end of Brexit progress, in March 2019.

This is not what the British people voted for; they voted to come out and think what you might about the Prime Minister she promised to honour what the voters requested and she has said time and time again out means out. …

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