Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Is Your Pound Worth a Mint?

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Is Your Pound Worth a Mint?

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Byline: Ian Robson Reporter

THE old pound coin is on its way out but don't rush to get rid of them just yet.

Experts say some of them could be worth a bit more than PS1. Some designs of the socalled round pound could be worth up to PS16.

On October 15, it will no longer be legal tender in shops. After that date the only thing you'll be able to do with it is trade it for a new one at your local bank or post office.

But, while the Treasury is warning consumers to get spending - or swapping - money experts say there are some old editions that you shouldn't get rid off - as they could be worth up to 16 times more than face value.

Here are ChangeChecker's five round pounds that shouldn't be swapped, traded or spent, reports the Mirror.

1. THE SCOTLAND: EDINBURGH CITY PS1 COIN The Edinburgh City PS1 coin was released in 2011 with a mintage of just 935,000, making it the least circulated round pound by far.

Such is the rarity that only 17% of ChangeChecker coin collectors have ever spotted one in their change.

According to the website, this coin cur- rently sells for between PS12 and PS16.

How much we found it for on eBay: On 16 July, one of these coins sold for PS12 on eBay after ramping up nine bids. Various other sellers have sold theirs for upwards of PS8.

2. THE WALES: CARDIFF CITY PS1 COIN Another of the capital cities series, the Cardiff City PS1 coin is definitely one to keep.

Released in 2011, this coin has a mintage of just 1,615,000 and is second in Change-Checker's Scarcity Index (which measures rarity) with a score of 88 of 100.

This coin depicts the circular Coat of Arms of Cardiff as the principal focus to represent Wales.

This coin is worth between PS11 and PS15.

How much we found it for on eBay: Last month, this coin sold for PS9.57 on eBay which suggests it might be worth holding on to it for a little while yet.

3. THE LONDON CITY PS1 COIN The third coin from the capital cities series that you should hold on to is the London City PS1 coin. …

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