Newspaper article The Queensland Times (Ipswich, Australia)

Ten Signs Your Home Hates You

Newspaper article The Queensland Times (Ipswich, Australia)

Ten Signs Your Home Hates You

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If your home could talk, would it have nice things to say about you, or would you be charged with neglect and intent to harm?

With a new season upon us, here are a few things you've neglected at your place that might leave your humble home hating on you. Consider me your relationship counsellor to get you and your home back on track.

1. The lawn looks like a survivor challenge

Just like a made bed makes your bedroom look better, a mown lawn makes the outlook to your yard that much nicer. Get on top of your grass cutting ASAP to ensure you keep snakes and other creepy crawlies away. And if you can't be bothered, call in a pro. They're cheap and do it all for you.

2. You can't even open your bottom drawer

Everyone has that bottom drawer; the one everything gets chucked in. If yours looks like a construction site, it's time to pull the entire thing out and give it a good going through. There's no time like the present to spring clean and declutter your kitchen.

3. The hall closet is about to explode

Even the most organised of us can leave this zone neglected, only to discover rolled up fitted sheets, squashed pillows and an array of other soft furnishings chucked into it with little regard for spatial planning. Need some tips to get your wardrobes organised?

4. Your windows are dirtier than Big Brother: Uncut

We often clean windows on the inside, but it's the built-up gunk on the outside that makes looking at them a murky experience. The solution: Get yourself a gurney and spray the outside of your windows without having to use a ladder at all.

5. Your shower is giving you stink eye

There's no creepier moment than seeing a shower curtain with mould on the bottom of it. It's even worse when it clings to your leg. The remedy is a thorough, heavy-duty bathroom clean from top to bottom. …

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