Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Now Is Just Such A Time to Celebrate My First Book!

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Now Is Just Such A Time to Celebrate My First Book!

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Byline: Lindsay Bruce

FORGIVE me a moment of self indulgence. It's my penultimate column and a momentous week for little old me.

I don't suppose you have many moments, maybe one or two, or a handful if you're really blessed, when you can truly say a dream has come true.

This week saw another tick on the list of things I've always wanted to do - but it was more than an item on a bucket list like our trip to Australia or taking the kids to Disney.

It took at least 50 knockbacks from various proposals, several humiliations questioning my writing ability and about three years of illness before I came up with a manuscript that a publisher actually liked.

The end result is that I've written a book. I'm an actual author!

I thought a front page newspaper byline was the pinnacle of writing experiences, but it turns out I was wrong.

Being able to find yourself on Amazon and seeing people tweet pics of your book tops it all.

I told you I was being self-indulgent but the last week has been spent in a spin of self-promotion (thank the Lord for Facebook) and pinching myself that the 500 books in my dining room were written by me.

It was also the last few days of the half-term holiday and, as is standard just as the kids were gearing up to go back to school, Bruce Jnr got ill.

Why, oh why? Not for the previous nine days was there even a sign of a sniffle, but on the first day back I'll have my cards marked at that school for sure.

Before the lurgy darkened my door, and before Mr B headed off to Mumbai, I was trying to be Supermum and spend time with both my children - individually - to fend off their new favourite accusation, that I have favourites.

The elder of the two was easy, he needed mum's taxi all week while his dad was at work, so I had one-on-one time with him about 20 times a day.

Wee Bruce, on the other hand, was a tad more challenging.

went into to show my just how mum His new obsession is Parkour aka free running, aka jumping over walls all the live-long day. …

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