Newspaper article The Observer (Gladstone, Australia)

Will the Real Plans and Policies Please Stand Up?

Newspaper article The Observer (Gladstone, Australia)

Will the Real Plans and Policies Please Stand Up?

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MY BIGGEST fear is that Queensland could be in a state of emergency in three months' time after this election.


Because Queenslanders as a whole are hurting, confused and angry because nothing is being done to create real jobs for our youth and retrenched, and no construction work is on the horizon.

We in our small patch don't know how other parts of this great state are thinking or feeling.

I know LNP candidate Chay Conaglen has moved to Gladstone to give our current ALP elected MP Glenn Butcher a run for his money but with a safe margin of 26 points I feel Butch, as the locals call him, will be returned.

With no show from the Greens or One Nation in our city I think it's a done deal but you never know until the votes are counted.

You have to ask yourself, "Why is it the other parties could not find candidates with the belief they could take Gladstone?"

The reason is simple.

Today's candidates have no plan of action and no understanding of what should be done in our region, let alone Queensland.

It's not just more police, more jobs, more nurses and more of this and that - you need a plan so the people who elect you can see and feel and understand that, yes, this could work so why don't we give this person or party a go.

But that's the trouble.

There's no real thought-out plan on how to achieve this or where the money is coming from and how long will it take.

It should be for all of Queensland so we can all embrace the ideas with sub-plans on regional areas that need a boost.

From Cairns to Hervey Bay we need to be told these plans will be delivered.

Regardless of who is in office, it must be a plan that all parties support and the projects must be to the benefit of all Queenslanders.

I haven't seen a plan from One Nation, nothing from the Greens and what's the big plan from Katter's Australian Party, what is Labor's deal and how is the LNP going to change our lives for the better?

There is no real plan, just bickering and thumping of chests as they say, "Vote for us, we can save you."

But alas, no one believes in politicians any more and now we have a case of people mouthing off about nothing of value hoping to grab headlines. …

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