Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Your Horosocpe

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Your Horosocpe

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CAPRICORN DECEMBER 22 - JANUARY 20 You usually don't get so emotionally involved.

However, with the Moon close to Saturn in Capricorn, the barriers may go up and you won't be easily drawn into an argument today. Yet, you should be happier about another matter that you have decided to act upon. Better late than never.

For weekly readings call 0903 658 2001 (75p/min + access charge) AQUARIUS JANUARY 21 - FEBRUARY 19 You're not sure if what is going on is real or imaginary. Obviously you don't know the half of it, but you are not daft. However, what you are secretly planning could take everyone entirely by surprise. You cannot lie. Best advice is to keep it under your hat today.

For weekly readings call 0903 658 2002 (75p/min + access charge) PISCES FEBRUARY 20 - MARCH 20 Business and pleasure need to be kept separate. Chances are, you are used to others being in dire straits. You don't have to supplement their existence. At any rate, you should be able to cast off your cares or any hindrances. Some emotional or financial success is also indicated.

DINGBATS(r), 2009: Scan from DINGBATS(r) 1987 game board For weekly readings call 0903 658 2003 (75p/min + access charge) R=255 G=0 B=0 R=185 G=0 B=0 ARIES MARCH 21 - APRIL 20 DINGBATS(r) Red DINGBATS(r), 2009: for You came perilously close to losing your temper. Pity, because you could become very successful. Now you have to choose which ambition to fulfil, rather than battle with those who are impossible to deal with. An easy decision, even if you don't have the mental capacity to do it today.

TAURUS APRIL 21 - MAY 21 DINGBATS(r), 2009: Only for use at very optionally without After a flurry of news or activity, and a few challenges, you may not exactly be cruising as this week begins. If anything, your attitude seems bleak. Don't assume that your plans won't work out, even if you are beset with doubts. You need to take a leap of faith.

R=60 G=212 B=0 R=0 G=130 B=7 For weekly readings call 0903 658 2005 (75p/min + access charge) THINGBATS Green GEMINI MAY 22 - JUNE 21 THINGBATS, A friend in need is a friend indeed. However, if you accede to someone's demands you could end up losing a lot more than money - including a friendship. True enough, you seem a bit burdened as the working week begins. But your luck is turning, and no one is more deserving.

R=148 G=0 B=207 R=94 G=27 B=109 For weekly readings call 0903 658 2006 (75p/min + access charge) KINGBATS Purple CANCER JUNE 22 - JULY 22 It would be better to avoid a confrontation.

Dream on. There could be a bit of friction left over from the weekend. It can't be easy being married to the boss. Or could be a case of the battle of the exes? Either way, try your best to remain neutral.

For weekly readings call 0903 658 2007 (75p/min + access charge) LEO JULY 23 - AUGUST 22 It's back to work, though you may not want to speak to anyone as this week begins . …

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