Newspaper article Gympie Times, The Qld.

Why Margot Robbie Should Be the Next Mick Dundee

Newspaper article Gympie Times, The Qld.

Why Margot Robbie Should Be the Next Mick Dundee

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Byline: Victoria Hannaford

THERE'S one thing that the trailer for the Dundee reboot has made obvious: it's time for a new Mick Dundee.

But forget Danny McBride.

The croc wrestling action hero we need right now? It's Margot Robbie.

Sure, critics might have had a point when they railed against the original films as being out of step with modern values.

But the condemnation, frankly, missed a trick. A reboot is rich with opportunity.

We now know the trailer is actually a clever ad from Tourism Australia, aired at Monday's Super Bowl.

But it's not a bad idea.

And swap the gender of the lead in a real reboot, and you have a whole new world opening up, both in terms of narrative and audience figures.

Let's not overlook that last year's blockbuster action flick, Wonder Woman, was fronted by Gal Gadot and made serious box office bank - more than US$820 million. It broke records.And one of this year's most anticipated films is the all-star, all-female Ocean's 8.

There have been too few women in our outback films. Even Priscilla, Queen of the Desert proudly declared itself to be about "a cock in a frock on a rock".

That could all change if Crocodile Dundee becomes a gender-swapping reboot.

Think about it. Robbie is a unifying casting choice because men and women either love her or want to be her.

Her film choices have shown she's credible, with a producer credit and an Oscar nod for her acting in I, Tonya.

She can kick butt as demonstrated by her outing as Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn. And she's tough enough to survive the apocalypse dished up in Z for Zachariah.

Wrestling crocs and taking on the colourful characters of the outback should be a walk in the park.

Just imagine the possibilities, beyond a cameo from Bindi Irwin.

The opening scenes show Robbie's character, going by the name Margot (her real name is Mick, obviously, after her dad), has found herself working as a crocodile leather expert for an haute couture fashion house in Paris. …

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