Newspaper article Daily News (Warwick, Australia)

The Life of an Outback Cop; Stories from Time on the Force

Newspaper article Daily News (Warwick, Australia)

The Life of an Outback Cop; Stories from Time on the Force

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Gale's Tales

AS WELL as dealing with way too many tragic events, I also had countless strange, bizzare and funny things happen when I was a policeman.

I've written about a few of them in this column and I'm often asked if I have more.

I do but I don't know how many I can put to print.

Sometimes its best to apply the adage, "what happens on tour -- stays on tour!"

Plenty of the people I shared these events with are still "in the job" and other tales involve things of a sensitive nature.

I've decided the only ones I can safely write about are the ones that only incriminate or embarrass the one person: Me.

I worked at a few quiet "outposts" in the western parts of our vast state.

Sometimes the only copper for a couple of hundred kilometres.

Normally it was pretty dull and boring. Just the way I liked it.

All in all, the life of the country copper was pretty good.

A good week might involve doing a bit of office and counter work, issue a few drivers licenses and the like.

Maybe even get out on the highway and meet a speeding tourist and write them a "memento" of their visit to the outback

When things happened though, they came in "clumps."

You could almost guarantee that if there was a big incident at one end of your patch, another one would happen at the other end.

I remember one day when I was called to a house fire at a grazing property. A house fire is a serious thing. And proper procedures need to be followed.

This includes keeping the scene secure until it is investigated by specialist police such as scientific officers and the like.

Now when you are "out west" and the nearest specialists are in Brisbane, this may mean that you are in for a long wait and such was the case here.

This wait lasted well over 24 hours and when I finally got home I was dry, dusty, smelly and cranky. …

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