Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Labour Plan for Slaughter Information on Produce

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Labour Plan for Slaughter Information on Produce

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Byline: Jonathan Walker Political Editor

SHOPPERS would gain the right to know whether meat has come from animals killed using Halal or Kosher methods under a Labour government, as part of a major package of measures to promote animal welfare.

All meat would be labelled to reveal whether the animal was stunned or not, as well as which country it came from and how it was produced.

Kosher meat produced in line with Jewish traditions, and some Halal meat produced according to Islamic traditions, comes from animals which are not stunned before they are slaughtered.

But some vets and animal welfare groups say this causes unnecessary suffering. Current UK law requires all other meat to be stunned before slaughter.

The labelling plan is just part of major package of laws to protect animal welfare, to be announced by Labour today. Other proposed policies include: ? Enshrining the principle of animal sentience in law, to ensure it prevents practices that expose animals to cruel and degrading treatment.

? Strengthening the Hunting Act to close loopholes that allow illegal hunting.

? Consulting landlords on giving tenants the default right to keep pets unless there is evidence the animal is causing a nuisance.

? Establishing an independent zoo inspectorate to draw up revised standards of animal welfare. ? A total ban on imports of foie gras, which is produced by force-feeding geese or ducks.

? Ending the badger cull. This involves killing badgers in an attempt to reduce the spread of TB to cattle, but there is disagreement about how effective it is. ? Requiring motorists to report accidents where an animal has been injure. ? Banning live exports of animals for slaughter or fattening, and introducing mandatory CCTV in slaughterhouses. ? Designing post-Brexit farm subsidies to move away from intensive factory farming and bad environmental practices. …

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