Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

A Colossal Success

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

A Colossal Success

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Byline: GAME ON With Cheryl Mullin

SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS PS4 WHEN I think back to playing Shadow Of The Colossus in 2005 it's not so much the memories it conjures up, but the feelings.

Initially released on the PS2, Colossus was only the second game to have been released by the now legendary, and sadly defunct, studio Team Ico.

It told the story of a boy named Wander and his horse, roaming an unknown land in search of a way to resurrect a girl named Mono - a simple premise masking the game's deep themes and emotions.

It's hard to state just how absolutely groundbreaking this game was.

Mono is the victim of an awful ritual, and Wander travels with her body to ask the god Dormin to bring her back to him. But Dormin has a price, there are 16 colossi roaming the forbidden wilderness and if Wander kills them, he will resurrect Mono.

There are none of the tired old gaming tropes here.

You aren't setting out to kill these beautiful creatures in order to save the world, or gain revenge for an injustice.

You are selfishly slaughtering the lonely beasts to bring back someone you lost.

The landscapes are barren and still - the eerily quiet fog and understated maps a masterclass in effective minimalism, the subdued pale sun barely lighting the paths you walk. And the colossi themselves are breathtakingly beautiful in their enormity.

So beloved is this title that, when it was announced there was to be a PS4 'remake', fans were immediately sceptical.

Tasked with rebuilding the game from the ground up, Bluepoint Games has done a beautiful job in preserving the game's identity. It's fair to say the gorgeous artwork absolutely shines on the new generation consoles, and there's even a 4k version for the PS4 pro.

The controls have been tinkered with, but not enough to get Wander to react quite as quickly as you'd like him too. …

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