Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Are TV Judges Qualified? by Rich Heldenfels Tribune News Service

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Are TV Judges Qualified? by Rich Heldenfels Tribune News Service

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I wonder about all those "judge" shows on TV -- Judge Judy, Faith and so on. Are they really judges? What degrees do they have? What qualifies them to make judicial decisions? Or are these just entertainment shows?

Sure, courtroom shows want to be entertaining. But they also want to convey a sense that their legal judgments are real, more than some did in years past. "Divorce Court's" Lynn Toler served on municipal court in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, while the version of the show in the 50s and 60s had an actor as the judge.

Websites for other shows note their stars' courtroom backgrounds. For example: "Judge Judy" Sheindlin was a family court judge in Manhattan. Greg "Judge Mathis" was a district court judge in the Detroit area. Marilyn Milian of "The People's Court" has served in county and circuit courts in Florida. (Lest we forget, "People's Court" legend Joseph Wapner was a retired judge in real life.) "America's Court" jurist Kevin Ross was a judge in Los Angeles Superior Court.Some have not been judges but have legal training: "Judge Faith" Perkins has experience as a prosecutor, in private practice and as a legal commentator on TV. Similarly, Lauren Lake of "Paternity Court" has been "a member of the New York, New Jersey and Michigan bars with a concentration in family, criminal and entertainment law."

There was a show on CBS called "Salvation" that had a finale last fall but not a satisfactory wrap-up. Any possibility that it will be coming back to come to a more satisfactory conclusion???

I can't guarantee it will be satisfying, but CBS is definitely bringing the asteroid-approaching-Earth drama back for a second season. Look for 13 new episodes this summer.

What can you tell me about the return of "Gotham"? It stopped right before Christmas and I haven't read anything about its return.

New episodes will begin on March 1 on Fox.

Is "The Orville" coming back? …

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