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Newspaper article The Florida Times Union


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I'm almost beginning to feel sorry for President Donald Trump.

Having previously written that it's wrong to make fun of the mentally deficient, I'm reluctant to further highlight recent revelations from author Michael Wolff, whose new book, "Fire and Fury," reports on what can only be described as insanity at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Then again, Trump is the president and, therefore, rules of civility take a back seat to the nation's health and security.

Countless people - and not just Democrats - have been trying all last year and before to convey that Trump wasn't up to the job.

Even his inner circle concluded as much after a brief romance with the fantasy that they could make him into a useful president.

His behavior, language, outbursts, impulsiveness - all suggested that he is "like a child," as Wolff put it on NBC's "Today." Worse, given those very characteristics, that he's quite possibly not mentally competent to perform his duties

One needn't look far for evidence. Most recent is his taunt to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un that his (Trump's) nuclear button is bigger than Kim's.

Other tidbits include that members of Trump's Cabinet have called him an "idiot" and a "dope" behind his back.

More serious than gossipy is that Trump ordered White House counsel Don McGahn to try to convince Attorney General Jeff Sessions not to recuse himself from the Russia investigation. Trump apparently thought this was entirely appropriate, fresh as he was in the job, but surely his legal counsel knew better?

Sessions, who actually does know something about the law and the Constitution, did, of course, recuse himself.

What Wolff has accomplished through more than 200 interviews and his nearly free access to the White House and the president's inner circle has been to document through notes and recordings what has long been obvious. …

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