Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Nobody Has a Clue on Issue

Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Nobody Has a Clue on Issue

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ALTHOUGH I didn't see the Sunrise program to which Mark Copland refers (Tuesday March 27), there are a few points on which I'd like to comment.

First, according to the article, the theory that politically-correct policies of placing indigenous children only in indigenous care are failing to curb abuse is proven false because over 43% in Queensland and up to 68% in the NT are actually in non-indigenous care.

Well, I would have thought the first question to ask is: how are the 43% and 68% in non-indigenous care doing compared to those in indigenous care?

Surely that has a pretty strong bearing on matters. Maybe they are all on their way to becoming doctors and lawyers.

Mr Copland says the Sunrise program was Tabloid TV 101. I say the previous question is Logic 101 but there's precious little of that to be seen when any attempt is made to address indigenous issues. As in the Northern Territory intervention, everyone screamed for the government to do something; the government did, and then everyone screamed it was racist and a slur on Aborigines. You can't win.

Second, Sunrise made a PC faux pas by having white panellists commenting on indigenous affairs, apparently not good enough since the panellists, with no expertise in indigenous child protection, couldn't possibly be qualified to comment.

So Sunrise brought in three indigenous "experts" and have a guess what their solution was? I quote in part: "....what we need is intelligent informed discussion and looking for solutions.....".

Right, so that's got the indigenous child abuse sorted then. Well done. That is the standard type of non-answer that always get trotted out, the same answer that Mick Dodson of the colourful hat would offer, another expert and one of this continent's most egregious oxygen thieves.

It seems nobody has a clue and won't give any answers and any time the government proposes something concrete, such as the welfare card, they run into a brick wall.

Are there in fact any answers? Noel Pearson set up a school for Aboriginal children a few years ago; it recently failed.

If Noel, a highly regarded lawyer and one of the most intelligent and principled aboriginal activists around can't get it right, then what hope has anyone else? …

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