Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Road Parking Problems; What's Wrong with Snow Clearing Idea?

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Road Parking Problems; What's Wrong with Snow Clearing Idea?

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HAVING read Cllr Joan McTigue's letter on pavement parking, I see no problem in the council and police enforcing the new laws on pavement parking.

The police already have the power of obstruction of the pavement, and the council have car parking wardens and enforcement officers, who carry out enforcement on fly tipping, I see no problem with this as both are out and about, and could deal with this.

If this is a problem, then the councils should contact the MPs, and have these powers granted in the new parking bill soon to be brought in.

It's not just the inconsiderate parking that's the problem, it's the damage to pavements, and the payouts councils have to make to claimants who have tripped and hurt themselves.

In Stockton, Bishopton Lane near the old Ramsdens pawn shop is one place used by out of town parkers, all day till 6pm.

The cars are on the pavement and in all the residents' spaces, all day.

And yet only 300 yards away is Wellington Square car park.

One thing that always gets my goat, with all councils, is the planning departments.

If someone places planning in for an estate, nobody on planning says only granted on condition the roads are wide enough for two cars parked opposite each other and room for a third to pass down the middle.

If you drive around the area, a lot of the roads that have been developed can only be parked on by pavement parking, to allow for cars to pass through.

I would suggest any future building applications be viewed with this in mind, and if the builder cannot come up with the goods, then a point should be made that a driveway for three cars must be provided.

This to stop any pavement parking.

JEFF BURTON, Stockton ||| RE. Cllr McTigue's letter on parking vehicles on pavements.

While agreeing and sympathising with her points about the problems this causes legitimate pavement users, thing is, to my mind, if all vehicles parked at the moment half on pavements were moved so all four wheels were on the road, this would cause gridlock on most estates. …

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