Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Who's the Worst Philip Green That Ever You've Seen?

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Who's the Worst Philip Green That Ever You've Seen?

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Byline: Simon English

THE race to be the least popular businessman called Philip Green the one with the least admirable legacy has always been competitive. Lately, the less famous Philip Green (the Mr not the Sir) is well ahead.

This week it emerged that profits at the retail empire run by the man who is still Sir Philip fell 42% to PS124 million. The TopShop chain remains a going concern though, to say the least. It has sales of PS2 billion. It owns half of Oxford Street.

Sir Philip was dubbed the "unacceptable face of capitalism" by MPs including Frank Field for the nasty business over at BHS, which collapsed with holes in its pension fund.

Sir Philip has recently complained that he behaved correctly, telling the Mail on Sunday that having written a cheque for PS363 million he didn't deserve vilification.

"Nobody has ever said, 'This man behaved like a gentleman, his family behaved properly'."

In terms of PR, Sir Philip might be his own worst enemy, but he has a point. We can't be sure he would have done the right thing but for the massive pressure he was under, but nevertheless, when it came to it, he coughed.

Back to the other Green, until now hiding in the shadows of his more outrageous, far more colourful namesake (Sir Philip looks like keeping the knighthood, plain old Phil's chances of getting one are surely zero, though he does have a CBE).

Green (Mr) has just been blasted by Parliament's work and pensions committee's investigation into the collapse of Carillion, where he was chairman.

Green, says the report, was the cheerleader-in-chief. An "unquestioning optimist when his role was to challenge". Directors including Green were delusional, deceitful, rotten and much else besides.

His reputation ought not to recover from this.

The thing is, long-term watchers of his career aren't entirely surprised by the rebuke of a man who seemed to think he was beyond criticism. …

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