Newspaper article The Queensland Times (Ipswich, Australia)

Stories That Made Aussie Character

Newspaper article The Queensland Times (Ipswich, Australia)

Stories That Made Aussie Character

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MANY towns throughout Australia hang their shingle on aspects of their history to attract tourists to the community for an economic boost.

Ipswich, for example, lays claim to being the Heritage City, although some may debate that claim as being inaccurate given all the heritage building lost to the community. Nevertheless, that's the claim. And we do have many magnificent homes, some of which are opened to the public during open days.

Australians have always considered, rightly or wrongly, that looking after your mates and giving everyone a fair go defines the character of Australians.

But there are three events in Australia's history that one can suggest defines the Australian spirit: The great Shearer's Strike of 1891 which was staged in and around the area of Winton and Barcaldine. Barcaldine is the home of the Tree of Knowledge, thought to be the birth place of the oldest political party in Australia, the Australian Labor Party. Unfortunately, some years ago the tree was poisoned but thankfully the site has been preserved.

The other two events are the birth of the Queensland and Northern Territory Arial Service (QANTAS) and the song that is considered Australia's National song Waltzing Matilda penned by A.B. Banjo' Patterson. This song has been sung by Australians in all theatres of war, sporting events and tourists alike.

The outback town of Winton considers this song so important that they have built a new museum to honour the memory of the song and the author that has built this legend. This new facility replaces the old one which burnt down a few years ago. And it incorporates modern technology with holograms, videos and photographs. …

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