Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

Comfy in His Own Skin; Bundy Bloke Living with Female Chromosomes

Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

Comfy in His Own Skin; Bundy Bloke Living with Female Chromosomes

Article excerpt

Byline: Hayley Nissen

IT was a typical Australia Day at the pub when Clinton Brett and his fiance, now wife, Jodi Collings heard someone call out "poofter".

When they looked around, patrons inside the Bundaberg establishment were sniggering, whispering to one another.

Their ridicule was directed at Mr Brett but instead of returning fire with his own vitriol, he began to explain why he wasn't your conventional beer-swilling, chest-beating heterosexual.

Aside from liking short shorts - "they're more comfortable" - Mr Brett enjoys chick flicks and cries during movies.

He is also a successful diesel mechanic with his own business who likes motor racing, camping and fishing.

The difference between Mr Brett and other males is he was born with two extra female chromosomes, a condition known as Klinefelter syndrome where little or no testosterone is produced, among other things.

It's been a long road for the 44-year-old - he had a mastectomy at 25 and was teased and bullied growing up - and the incident has triggered him to talk about his experiences to educate the community and help anyone else going through the same thing.

"I love having a good laugh about my genetics with the people who are genuinely considerate and have spent time getting to know me. When you understand me then you can make jokes all you want because we are all laughing together," he said.

It wasn't until Mr Brett was in his mid-20s that he could put a name to his condition. He learnt of the news at the same time the doctor informed him and his now ex-wife that he may be infertile.

"We booked an appointment to have the fertility test. That led to an endocrinologist diagnosing my KS after five minutes of consultation," he said.

But, like most people with KS, Mr Brett knew well before then that he was different.

"I wasn't going through puberty when my male mates were. …

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