Newspaper article The Daily Mercury (Mackay, Australia)

The King of Improv

Newspaper article The Daily Mercury (Mackay, Australia)

The King of Improv

Article excerpt

Byline: Kate Rasmussen

ON A freezing Melbourne winter morning, Ross Noble laughs as he remembers his last visit to Mackay when he got sunburned swimming at the Bluewater Lagoon.

Noble is coming back to Mackay for the first time in two years, and says he's thrilled about performing here.

"I love it up that neck of the woods," the English comedian says.

"It was absolutely boiling hot (when I was in Mackay last) and the crew and I were so ridiculously hot that we went swimming and I very much was clearly white at that point.

"Last time I was there I went swimming in the outdoor pool and then I went running down that board walk and I just got ridiculously burned."

Asked about how the Mackay audience responds to his brand of unusual comedy, Noble says there has been a lot of changes over the years.

"I think that people are just pleased that you made the effort to go there, and also I think a few years ago it was one of those things where people kind of had to watch DVDs and the telly for people to get their comedy," he said.

"Whereas now with the internet, people in regional areas are just as in touch with what is happening comedy wise as people in the city.

"It used to be this certain thing, in Australia definitely, if you wanted to see what was happening comedy wise is from around the world, you'd have to go to Melbourne Comedy Festival."

Noble says he has visited the town more than 10 times but after all this time of touring, the thrill is still there for him.

"No, no... I wouldn't do it if I didn't love it," he said.

"The only thing that feels like a job is when I am travelling from place to place and when I am on tour in winter in the UK, that can get a bit boring, all that sitting in traffic while the rain lashes down on the windows, that's a bit meh. But driving up the north east coast of Australia, well I love that!

"But at the end of the day, I can't complain because there is no heavy lifting involved, and I have an incredibly charmed life."

Being on tour for so long, I imagined Noble must have seen a lot of crazy things and asked the funny man to regale me with his most amusing tale. …

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