Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Do We Hold on Too Tightly to Our Original Dreams?

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Do We Hold on Too Tightly to Our Original Dreams?

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Byline: Carrie Carlisle

ID you defer your dream? DThat's a subject I've been giving a lot of thought to this week.

In drama school we were paired off with 'Singing Buddies' on our first day.

None of us knew each other. But we had to spend every day together for the entire year.

Mine was a boffin straight out of Cambridge. He was a total sweetheart, and remains one of my favourite people to this day.

His life took a very different turn from mine after graduation; he got married young, and moved to the States.

He now lives on the West Coast with his wife and twins.

Because he has a mortgage, a family to support etc., his dreams of pursuing acting were put on hold.

And now, in the year he turns 40, he is evaluating his life.

Because he is an academic at heart, he worked out a formula, the perfect combination to achieve The Dream.

He believes it's a combination of three things: || talent; | financial resources; | ability to focus exclusively on yourself.

It's an interesting theory. But what stood out for me is the absence of the one thing I totally lacked as an actor: emotional resilience.

I could not take knock-backs.

Rejection always felt so very personal. It was impossible for me to dust myself off and get out there again to the next audition.

I'd need weeks to get over it.

After a while, it turned into months.

And no career can stand those kinds of gaps.

People talk about the stuff they learned in school, that they've never used in the real world Algebra. Trigonometry. The ability to name chronologically all the kings and queens of England.

They say they'd rather have been taught how to file a tax return or manage a household budget.

While they make a good point, I would have benefited hugely, from lessons in how to get back up, after a professional fall. …

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