Internet Fraud Center Set Up

Article excerpt

LAKE BUENA VISTA -- The FBI is working with anti-fraud groups to track complaints of Internet crime, train investigators in Web sleuthing and study criminal trends.

The initiatives announced yesterday address a problem faced by investigators trying to police cyberspace: There seldom is a crime scene -- no blood on the wall, no DNA evidence, no tire treads.

The Internet Fraud Complaint Center and the Internet Fraud Council will be modeled after the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control, which collects health data and tracks health trends.

"The goal is to give law enforcement significant support in investigating these cases," said Richard Johnston, director of the National White Collar Crime Center, which is joining the FBI in developing the center in a private-public partnership.

The Internet crime-fighting effort was announced at the Economic Crime Summit conference at Walt Disney World.

Law enforcement is sorely lacking information on Internet crimes, which ranges from credit card fraud to pyramid scams to securities fraud. …