Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

It Seems Love Can Be a Rocky Road at Every Stage of Life

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

It Seems Love Can Be a Rocky Road at Every Stage of Life

Article excerpt

Byline: Carrie Carlisle

EAVESDROPPING. That's what I'm doing right now. There's no point in trying to dress it up as anything else.

On the scale of social unacceptability, it's definitely less rude than spying, and certainly more legal than stalking.

I can't help it! You should hear what's unfolding in front of me. These people are definitely early into a budding relationship.

But here's the exciting part - the thing that makes me so keen to listen in.

They are Baby Boomers! A generation I've never had an insight into the dating habits of!

While the 20s and 30s demographic saturates every TV storyline, novel and newspaper column, nobody ever talks about Baby Boomer dating!

It's an enigma, wrapped in a riddle. So I'm hardly going to waste this VIP backstage pass to one, live and unplugged, am I? The protagonist of today's dating scene, is your classic silver fox. Ageless in the sense that he could be early 50s or late sixties.

He's a fine head of hair on him, as my granny would have said, and is in a classic navy polo shirt and chinos combination. He's well and truly working that casual-yetexpensive, look.

His leading lady is in her early sixties. She's dressed up very nicely, in white lace. A daring move for September, if ever there was one.

She has lovely hair, all thick and blonde and bouncy, but not in a golden retriever way.

She's channelling her inner Joanna Lumley. Always an excellent choice.

They are drinking wine. It's not even lunchtime! And the wine is super-expensive here!

They must a lot of disposable incomes.

They are discussing holidays. It takes a while. They must go on about four a year each, by the sound of things.

This is good. I start mentally planning where they could go together.

A cruise. Without children to get in the way of 11 o'clock wine-drinking. That's where I'll send them. …

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