Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

GUNS Enforcement Works

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

GUNS Enforcement Works

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New gun laws being pushed by the Clinton administration might, as the president says, save a few lives -- if they are enforced.

But what are the odds that will happen?

The gun control lobby is proud of the Brady bill, boasting that it has prevented 400,000 felons from buying weapons.

Perhaps it did: one time.

But how many felons simply used another method of obtaining a weapon, legal or illegal, and then used it to commit a crime? No one knows, but the likelihood is that it was often.

The bigger question is, why weren't those 400,000 criminals arrested?

It is a crime for a felon to attempt to buy a weapon under the Brady bill. If 400,000 felons had been arrested and imprisoned, many crimes might have been prevented. Maybe some deaths.

Clinton conceded that gun control measures rejected by Congress would not stop gun violence -- an outcome no one had predicted -- but said they would "save some lives and we ought to do it."

Laws that are not enforced are worthless. …

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