Newspaper article The Queensland Times (Ipswich, Australia)

There Is Still Time to Think It through and Find Salvation

Newspaper article The Queensland Times (Ipswich, Australia)

There Is Still Time to Think It through and Find Salvation

Article excerpt

KEN Alderton's latest letter, "Ipwich's right is growing" (QT 24/09), has prompted me to write.

Titles such as the "Christian right" puzzle me. I am certainly a Christian and I suppose I lean a little right - which is, I must remind Ken, my right. Sorry, bad pun.

Let me refer to some of Ken's mistakes.

Andrew Bolt is a gentleman with strong views for which he is often criticised - but he, too, is entitled to express them. I often find myself agreeing with his point of view but his ideas come from a strictly secular point of view. He does not, however, seem to condemn Christians - as some do.

As for the LGBT marriage issue, I did vote "No" when given that opportunity - however, you need to know that not all Christians did. We aren't clones.

I disagree with the homosexual act on biblical grounds. But I would never reject a person with such inclinations if they needed my help.

I am not racist, nor suspicious of non-whites or not native-born people. I am a little suspicious of Islam as a religion - but I don't hate Muslims.

In my opinion, women should show their faces to the world if they want Aussies to respect them, especially when asked to do so for identification purposes or security reasons.

As for the Bible - no, Ken, we do not interpret every verse as literal, that is nonsense - (and intelligent design, while perhaps unusual in this evolutionary climate, is vastly different to biblical creation - so you got that wrong).

Also, Christians are generally well aware of the Bible's historical origins and its Jewish cultural background, which allows us to think about what Jesus came to change.

Most importantly, we know that it teaches the way to salvation. Ken, it seems, has not discovered this way, even though God loves him and would want him to see it.

So, yes, I suppose I could be classified as a fundamentalist - as I try to faithfully follow the basic tenets of my faith. …

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