Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Healthy Ranch Dressing Alternatives

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Healthy Ranch Dressing Alternatives

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What do you look for in foods you consider healthful? Fat content is probably the No. 1 consideration followed by sodium, sugar and cholesterol levels.

A few weeks ago, the Times-Union Consumer Panel tried Benecol, a new spread designed to help promote healthy cholesterol levels, and now, they've put Kraft Taste of Life Country Ranch Dressing to the test.

The dressing is made from a combination of olive, canola and sunflower oils; what makes it different from a basic ranch is the addition of carrots, green onions, red peppers, parsley and garlic juice.

Although the Country Ranch dressing is not fat free, none of the fat it contains is saturated. Two tablespoons contain 60 calories, 4.5 gms fat, 250 mgs sodium, 1 gm sugars and no cholesterol. It is also fortified with vitamin E.

Franchise owner Calvin Craig considers the Taste of Life Dressing a healthful food. He cited the lack of saturated fat and cholesterol in the dressing and compared it to the Kraft Ranch Dressing he normally uses.

"The regular Ranch contains 150 calories and 16 gms fat compared to 60 calories and 4.5 gms fat in the Country Ranch," he said.

June Merritt, who sells new homes, says the Kraft Country Ranch Dressing has a spicier, more unique flavor than Wish Bone Ranch Dressing but costs more. She describes its flavor as unique and very good.

"My children thought it was tasty and delicious," she said.

After considering the health factors of the Country Ranch dressing, Merritt said, "I would have preferred a low-fat dressing. I wouldn't want to depend on a salad dressing for my vitamin E. If your body needs vitamin E, buy a vitamin supplement."

Calvin Craig not only considers the Country Ranch Dressing healthful but tasty as well.

"It has an excellent flavor," he said. "I could taste the carrots and red bell peppers. …

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