Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Help Me with My Bonfire-Crazy Neighbour

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Help Me with My Bonfire-Crazy Neighbour

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Q THE neighbour to the rear of our house is forever having bonfires to burn his garden rubbish. These fires are really smoky at the moment, presumably because the garden rubbish is very damp at this time of year. The smoke always seems to blow into our garden and into our house. How can we put a stop to our neighbour's antisocial behaviour? A NEIGHBOUR disputes are often costly, time-consuming and acrimonious, and they tend to destroy the possibility of any future good relations, so it's worth trying to resolve the issue amicably.

Tell your neighbour about the problems his smoky fires are causing you and remind him that he could dispose of some of his garden rubbish at the local tip. Also, some local authorities collect green waste on certain days each month, so he may be able to use such a service and therefore have less to burn in his garden.

If a satisfactory solution proves impossible and the bonfires continue on a regular basis, spoiling your enjoyment of your property, this may amount to a nuisance, in which case you could apply to the County Court for an injunction to prevent your neighbour lighting bonfires, and for damages. Check whether you have legal expenses insurance covering the costs of such an write to Legal & property., Derry Street, cannot be but we will try here.

a solicitor residential application. Regular bonfires may also amount to a statutory nuisance. Ask the Environmental Health department to assess the situation. If appropriate they could issue an abatement notice requiring the cessation of the bonfires or limiting their frequency. If your neighbour ignores the notice he could face criminal proceedings and a fine.

Q I HAVE just rented out my home as I am moving abroad for a couple of years. My letting agent mentioned in passing that I should protect my property by using the service offered by the Land Registry. …

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