Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

All I Want for Christmas Is a Cashmere Onesie- and a Rest

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

All I Want for Christmas Is a Cashmere Onesie- and a Rest

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Byline: Karen Dacre What to wear

WE'RE 11 days into December and I'd like it to stop now. Not the Christmas ads and the celebrity specials of Pointless, you understand, but the incessant partying and the endless obligations. I write this with a thumping headache (of the inflamed sinuses variety) and the fear that my sofa may not recognise me when we are finally reunited later this week.

I'm also cultivating a ridiculous but very real sense of anxiety regarding how many episodes of EastEnders I'm missing out on. This is probably misplaced -- and certainly a cataclysmic overreaction -- but I can't pretend not to be worried about how Phil Mitchell will be spending his Christmas once he finds out about the goings-on between Sharon and Keanu. And then there's the plight of the Carters. Last year they had Mick's guerilla surgery on the snooker table to contend with, so surely this year Danny D and his crew deserve to enjoy the festive season with their trotters up.

But let's go back to party fatigue -- and the fact that everyone in London seems to be dragging a cold around with them -- for a minute because I know I'm not the only one who's had enough. Evidence that inside every socially agile Londoner is an exhausted, flu-ridden home bird that's silently screaming for her sofa is everywhere.

I saw it this morning in the eyes of a colleague wondering what the hell to wear to her 9,000th event of the season this evening and again on the Central line as two fed-up partygoers, resigned to their fate, debated what hour they could exit the office lunch without pissing off the boss.

The knock-on effect of this is the emergence of so-called loungewear as a major Christmas category as retailers look to cater to women telling Santa that what they really, really want for Christmas is a Gogglebox marathon and a takeaway. …

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