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Home PCs Capture Golf Swings

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Home PCs Capture Golf Swings

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Swing analyzers that integrate video and computers are the rage in golf. But it's now possible to do your own swing analysis, thanks to a computer program developed by Neat Visions, a West Palm Beach company.

The Neat System is a program in which a golfer can videotape his or her own swing, load it into their personal computer through a "capture board," then receive an analysis that includes splitting the screen to show two swings at once (from different angles, if you prefer), with graphics to study swing planes.

Any video camera can be used, but digital cameras are recommended. There is one restriction in the use of a home computer: the program is not available on a MAC system. A computer needs a Pentium 133 or faster, at least 16MB RAM and at least 100 MB of hard disk space.

Once captured on the computer, your swing can be viewed, printed, faxed and e-mailed.

The Neat System was unveiled at the PGA Merchandise Show in Las Vegas recently, and will soon be available at Lauden Golf. Other items of interest introduced at the Las Vegas Show:

The Dyna-Flex, which improves strength and coordination in the wrist and forearm. It's a round, weighted ball inside a housing that can be started with a string much like spinning a top. Once started, the Dyna-Flex is held in the hand, and the wrist is rotated to feel resistence. More speed is built the faster the wrister is rotated. The Dyna-Flex, made by Dyna-Flex International in Anaheim, Calif., has been tested and approved by PGA Tour Partners.

The Perfect Grip, made by RSI in Santa, Ana, Calif., is a molded grip that is placed over a club's existing grip. A series of grooves and ridges enable a golfer to properly hold the club and return the face to a square position at impact.

The Converta-Strap, made by Cochise Golf in Scottsdale, Ariz. It's a carry bag strap that can be coverted from a single shoulder strap to a double by undoing a few snaps.

Lauden Golf will carry these items beginning Nov. 1.

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