Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

It's Time to Retrain My Brain to Look for the Positives

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

It's Time to Retrain My Brain to Look for the Positives

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Byline: Carrie Carlisle

FAILURE. Epic and total defeat. Hashtag disappointed. I was so excited by my New Year's Resolutions.

I made LISTS. So many of them. This was my year! I was going to fulfil my inner potential.

Conquer the universe! Probably. And by lunchtime on New Year's Day, I'd broken them all. Is this some sort of New Year Fail world record? Could I count this feat as winning at life? No. No I could not.

Sad. Oh my, how sad I was. Many a tear was shed on January 1 as I berated myself for starting 2019 off in such a dreadful fashion.

What did it say about me as a person? That I couldn't even maintain the new framework that I'd built for myself. For even a few measly hours.

Surely the whole year was now going to be a disaster. I was a useless human being.

Hopeless. I genuinely felt hopeless. And I'd probably still be in that cycle of shame, right now, days later if my husband hadn't had a gentle word in my shell-like.

Mr C said he felt proud. Proud of us, and everything we had achieved in 2018.

That we had emerged from the other side of it.

Happy. Healthy. More in love than ever. He reminded me of how hard we worked to get to this place.

All the hours we had put in. Consistently. Hour by hour, at first. Then day by day.

The lessons we learned. The epiphanies we experienced. Just how much we evolved in 365 days without ever having to set it as a New Year goal.

We are good enough. That is what he said to me.

We have worked very hard on ourselves, and we are good enough.

It's time to just live. To have fun, and enjoy life. That's what this year should be about.

There is still work to do. And we will continue on our Wellness Journey.

But it can wait a little while.

Let's not focus on picking out our faults when we could be concentrating on what is working and celebrating that instead. …

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