Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

`Felicity' Creating Big Buzz New Series Targets Teenage Audience

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

`Felicity' Creating Big Buzz New Series Targets Teenage Audience

Article excerpt

Each year, one or two new television shows arrive surrounded by

buzz, an aura of anticipation created by all the nice things

that advertising executives and TV critics have been saying

about the yet-to-be-screened-for-the-public pilot episodes.

This year, the show everyone is talking about is Felicity. In

fact, it has become obligatory to use the word buzz when writing

about Felicity.

That started last spring when influential media buyer Paul

Schulman labeled the Felicity pilot "brilliant." It continued

through the spring and summer after the WB network rushed tapes

of that pilot to the people who write about television.

Of course, as the Jacksonville Jaguars are discovering this

year, great expectations can be a challenge to live up to. In

years past, favorable buzz didn't make hits of Central Park

West, the CBS soap that quickly disappeared, or Murder One, the

ABC drama that limped through two seasons without ever finding

an audience.

On the other hand, sometimes the buzz is right. Two of the most

anticipated new shows last year were Ally McBeal and Dawson's

Creek and both quickly caught on. Each not only found an

audience, each also became something of a cultural touchstone,

the kind of shows that other people try to imitate.

There's a little of both Ally McBeal and Dawson's Creek in


Because the character Felicity Porter is a pretty, waif-like

young woman who is very feminine and very independent and more

than a little confused and ambivalent about men (can't live with

'em, hard to have relationships without 'em), the show has been

called Ally McBeal Goes to College.

Because the characters are young and articulate and confused

about matters of the heart and other organs, Felicity has been

compared to Dawson's Creek, the difference being that the

characters in Felicity are a couple of years older, college

freshmen where the Dawson's Creek bunch were 10th-graders last


Next Tuesday, audiences will get to judge for themselves

whether Felicity is worth the hype when the WB (WJWB TV-17 in

Jacksonville) airs the Felicity pilot at 9 p. …

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