Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Neighbor to Neighbor

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Neighbor to Neighbor

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Question: I have a complaint about the new Baymeadows Road

extension from Florida 9A to Southside Boulevard and the traffic

signal at Southside. I live in Deerwood Country Club, and in the

middle of the day, I drive west on Baymeadows and then try to

make a left turn to go south on Southside. The traffic signal

does not allow enough cars to make left turns and traffic backs

up on Baymeadows all the way to the Deerwood gate.

Answer: Engineers have added as much time as they can to the

green light cycle on Baymeadows without backing up the traffic

on Southside. They do believe that once the extension of 9A from

Baymeadows to Philips Highway is completed in two years, the

traffic load you are seeing will lessen.

Q: The sidewalls below the elevated portion of the U.S. 17

overpass of Edgewood Avenue in the Riverside area look terrible.

They need cleaning and painting. Who's responsible for this?

A: We passed along your complaint to the maintenance folks at

the Florida Department of Transportation. They are responsible

for that overpass but remind us that their maintenance budget is


Q: What's being built at the southeast corner of 103rd Street

and Ricker Road? They've torn down a gas station and a little

strip shopping center so far.

A: That will be a new Walgreen drugstore.

Q. Can you find out how many tickets have been issued to truck

drivers who got caught violating the ban against big trucks on

the Fuller Warren Bridge? …

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