Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Bragans Give the Best Bang for City's Buck

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Bragans Give the Best Bang for City's Buck

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Two Boy Scouts stood in a long line at the ticket window with

their mother Tuesday night and waited anxiously to get into

Wolfson Park. Not expecting such a huge crowd on a weeknight,

Suns general manager Peter Bragan Jr. spotted the fidgety boys

and the frustrated mom and went up to apologize for the


"Sorry ma'am, sorry boys," Bragan said. "We'll have you in the

ballpark as quick as we can."

"Sir," one of the boys chirped. "Are the Suns going to win


The other boy hit his brother on the shoulder: "Ah, man, you

know the Suns are going to win. The Suns ALWAYS win."

Well, not always. It just seems that way lately. In fact, don't

be surprised if the Suns' rare 12-7 loss to the Huntsville Stars

yesterday isn't featured in a very special upcoming episode of

Millennium. The team's promotional ditty -- "Baseball's never

been hotter with the Jacksonville Suns" -- may be the most

foreshadowing music since the Jim Morrison death song.

"I can't believe we lost today," Suns slugger Gabe Kapler said

between signing autographs after yesterday's game. "You

obviously can't win every game in baseball, but it's reached a

point where I'm actually shocked when we lose."

It was obviously a mistake on the official box score when the

Suns' record was listed as 42-0 after yesterday's loss, but

maybe, too, it was an indication of the expectations this club

has for itself. The Suns have the best record (42-18) in minor

league baseball and the second-best record in all of

professional baseball, behind the New York Yankees (45-13).

Bragan and his father have owned the Suns for 15 years, and

both say this is the best team they've ever seen here. Better

than the 1987 team of Randy Johnson and Larry Walker. Better

than the 1990 team of Marquis Grissom and Delino DeShields.

Better even than the 1996 team that brought the city its first

Southern League championship.

"We've never had a team like this," Bragan Jr. says. "This is a

team that might have the most talent in the league, but they

play like they're the worst team in the league. …

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