Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Charter Commission Uncertain How Auditor Proposal Would Fit

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Charter Commission Uncertain How Auditor Proposal Would Fit

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It's all in the details.

That's what the Charter Review Commission found in its first

round of deliberations on whether the Clay County charter should

require the County Commission to have its own internal auditor.

It's not just a matter of adding the issue to the Nov. 3

general election ballot for voters to consider, along with three

other proposed charter amendments the panel has approved.

A few critical details have to be settled first, the Charter

Commission discovered at a Monday hearing on the issue.

Would the internal auditor issue be tied to another proposed

amendment that transfers county finances from the clerk of court

to the county manager?

The internal auditor was initially proposed to give the County

Commission a check and balance over the county manager -- if the

comptroller function were transferred. If voters reject the

transfer, which would also move the clerk's auditing function to

the county manager, would an internal auditor for the County

Commission still be warranted?

Some people said yes; some people said no.

"I think it would still be a good idea," said Max Williams, a

charter panel member. "It gives us better control, better

auditing function."

But Assistant State Attorney Tim Collins, who suggested the

internal auditor concept to the charter panel, said it should be

tied to the financial transfer and was not necessary without it.

Should the amendment also permit the internal auditor to hire

assistant auditors?

Charter Commission member Tigger Megonegal said she envisioned

the internal auditor as "a department of one."

"I do not want to see it grow," she said.

According to the proposed charter amendment drafted by County

Attorney Mark Scruby, assistant auditors would be hired and

supervised by the internal auditor -- subject to the County

Commission budgeting funds for assistants.

Also, Charter Commission members questioned what salary should

be paid to an internal auditor and potential assistants. But

Harold Rymer, one of three citizens who attended the hearing,

said that the Charter Commission should leave such matters to

the county personnel director. …

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