Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

How's Tricks? Stupid Dozens Try for Spot on `Letterman'

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

How's Tricks? Stupid Dozens Try for Spot on `Letterman'

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Again and again, Dave Boyle swung his golf club, hoping to

get his pet border collie, Daisy, to do what she always does

when he practices his swing in the back yard -- begin spinning

in circles.

"It's a pretty dumb trick," he admitted to Ben Zelevansky of

CBS' Late Show with David Letterman.

"That's what we're here for," deadpanned Zelevansky, whose job

is to find suitable subjects for the Stupid Pet Tricks and

Stupid Human Tricks that are regular features on Letterman's


Sadly, Daisy, perhaps distracted by the lights and the cameras,

wasn't in the mood to do dumb tricks. She simply stared as

Boyle swung his 3 iron again and again. "Well, you've got a hell

of a swing anyway," Zelevansky said.

Boyle, a Navy helicopter pilot, shook his head at Daisy. "You

just had your two seconds of fame, dog."

And so it went yesterday, as Zelevansky worked his way through

a list of 42 scheduled auditions at the studios of WJXT TV-4,

Jacksonville's CBS affiliate.

Zelevansky, who planned to continue auditions today, said the

candidates he was interviewing and taping were culled from about

150 phone calls he'd received since scheduling a trip to

Jacksonville. Altogether, he'll look at as many as 800 people

and their pets before the next segments of Stupid Pet Tricks and

Stupid Human Tricks air, probably late this month.

Once Zelevansky has finished all those auditions, he'll submit

his top 10 choices for each segment to executive producer Rob

Burnett. Burnett will pick the top four or five from each list

and they will be invited to the show.

One candidate with a good chance of making his final 10,

Zelevansky said, is Andrew McDonald.

The Wolfson High School senior arrived at the audition carrying

a shoe box and a pogo stick. …

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