Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Speed Traps Sited Motorists Use Internet to Warn Other Drivers

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Speed Traps Sited Motorists Use Internet to Warn Other Drivers

Article excerpt

High beams are being flashed on the information superhighway

warning would-be speeders before police can even set up their


Have a home computer or know a friend with one? Just punch in and up comes the WWW Speedtrap Registry -- a

Web site that serves as a warning from motorists to motorists

about police speed traps nationwide.

Among the thousands of entries, all made by e-mail, are several

dozen for Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia.

The site was started about three years ago by Andy Warner, a

student at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn.

"I try to cover the spots where people need to be on the

lookout because there's a dangerous stretch of road or where the

police are simply out to raise revenue," said Warner, 22. "If I

can help them avoid tickets in that case [revenue-driven traps],

by all means I'm going to."

The Web site includes information about where police can be

found, whether they are in unmarked cars and the local police

radio frequency. Warner said more than 20,000 people visit the

site weekly. He just began getting advertisers and hopes to one

day make a profit from the idea.

"Everybody can relate to it," Warner said. "We're such a

driving culture and speed traps by law enforcement is a part of

that. Just look at the Dukes of Hazzard or Smokey and the Bandit

. Everybody has some story about speed traps, and they want to

hear other people tell their stories."

Warner said he's only gotten one speeding ticket, which came

three months after he started the site.

Among the area spots getting attention are Waldo and Lawtey,

two towns southwest of Jacksonville on U.S. 301. The towns are

the only areas in the country designated as traffic traps by the


The AAA gave Waldo and Lawtey the labels in August 1995, saying

tickets were being written for revenue collection and not

motorist safety. The label has stuck and makes for some

interesting reading on the Web site. …

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