Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

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Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

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Jacksonville-based AccuStaff Inc. said its information

technology services unit will operate under the brand name

"modis." The company said modis is a play on the Latin word

modus, which means method, combined with the initials i.s.,

which stand for information systems.

AccuStaff is mainly known as a staffing firm, and the company

wanted to establish a separate identity for its information

technology division. AccuStaff expects to have more than $2

billion in revenues this year and expects to have more than $1

billion in revenues from its information technology division

alone next year.


In a trial of new "smart card" technology, 50 Florida State

University students will be equipped with ID cards that not only

can be used to make purchases and unlock doors, but also fit

inside tiny portable phones and allow students to make wireless


Partners in the four-month test include Powertel, which will

provide the digital PCS phone service, and Motorola, which makes

the StarTAC 7000 handsets that will be used in the trial.

Since last year, FSU students have been issued

microprocessor-equipped identification cards that also can be

used like debit cards for purchases at campus bookstores,

restaurants and other facilities.

Powertel spokeswoman Jennifer Friedland said the cards are

similar to the Subscriber Identity Module, or SIM, cards used in

the portable phones of Powertel customers to ensure security and

store phone numbers and messages. The new cards do double-duty

as smart cards and SIM cards, she said.


American Airlines flights were delayed at many airports

yesterday afternoon because of a malfunction in the mainframe

computer that operates the flight systems. …

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