Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Jacksonville Journal

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Jacksonville Journal

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"I think we have made a lot of positive moves here in


-- Mary Hackenberg, supervisor of science and environmental

studies for the Duval County school system, on the National

Assessment of Educational Progress test results. Story on Page



Sage Crutchfield, 6, of the Trout River area was trying to

access one of his favorite programs on the family computer

when the screen locked up. He asked his mother, Shawn Crutch

field, what was wrong with the computer. "It may have a

computer virus," she answered.

Two days later, Sage still was thinking about the virus. He

asked his mother, "Mom, what do you do when the computer has a



A lawyer for Leo Jones, next in line for execution in Florida,

said yesterday he'll ask the U.S. Supreme Court to review a

decision upholding use of the state's 74-year-old electric

chair. Jones is on Death Row for killing Jacksonville police

Officer Thomas Szafranski in 1981.

Martin McClain, a state lawyer handling Jones' appeal, believes

the Florida Supreme Court misinterpreted federal case law on

cruel and unusual punishment when it upheld the state's only

method of execution Monday.

The issue arose after a foot-long flame burst from the

headpiece worn by Pedro Medina during his execution March 25. …

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