Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Vols Sweating; Spurrier Sunning

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Vols Sweating; Spurrier Sunning

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GAINESVILLE -- Big game.

Real big.

So big that Florida linebacker Jevon Kearse actually had this

to say yesterday when quizzed by a reporter:

"Their coaches like, um, tell them, you know, um, the same

thing our coaches, um, tell us and I guess, um, whoever wins

this game basically is going to have a good chance, um, of

winning the conference, the SEC, but I guess that gets them up

and it gets us up and, you know, after the game then I don't


That says it all.

And, so, goodnight everybody.

Oh, you want more proof? You want me to tell you how I know

this is a big game? You really want to know?

Because coaches and players are doing and saying stupid stuff.

For instance, Florida's flabby offensive tackle Mo Collins said

yesterday that Tennessee quarterback Peyton Manning is

"overrated." Isn't that sort of like Tiny Tim strumming a verse

of Tiptoe Through the Tulips on his ukulele and then claiming

Eric Clapton is overrated? Mo, babe, look in the mirror -- if

you can find one wide enough.

And then there was Florida tailback Fred Taylor guaranteeing

victory over the Vols yesterday. "We're going to win, there's no

doubt about it," Taylor said.

How cocky. How arrogant.

How true.

Not a very smart thing for Taylor to say, but probably pretty

accurate. The Gators seem so sickeningly self-assured, so

obnoxiously nonchalant . . . like they know the outcome of the

game before it's even been played. Meanwhile, the Vols are

running around like a panicky bride -- or should we say

bridesmaid? -- who's late for the wedding.

Once again, Tennessee coach Phil Fulmer is treating this game

like some sort of imminent Armageddon. He actually had his team

practicing Saturday during the open week. Yes, practicing.

Plotting and planning and sweating and fretting and desperately

trying to figure out a way to beat those gosh-darn Gators.

Meanwhile, you know where Florida coach Steve Spurrier was?

"Let me just say the waves were nice at Crescent Beach," said

Spurrier, who spent Saturday with the family at his oceanside

condo. …

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