Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Hanks in New Hot Water over Prescott's Divorce Papers

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Hanks in New Hot Water over Prescott's Divorce Papers

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NEPTUNE BEACH -- Already under fire for hiring an outside

attorney without the consent of the City Council, Clerk Becky

Hanks is now being criticized by members of the panel over

another issue involving the resignation of Vice Mayor Marianne


The council learned this week that Hanks used an address on

legal documents from Prescott's divorce to disqualify her as a

city resident. Prescott resigned in July because of a

controversy involving residency requirements for elected

officials. Prescott had been living outside the city since her

divorce early this year while waiting for her home to sell.

Hanks said she had repeatedly questioned Prescott about her

home address since January.

"She wouldn't give me her home telephone number or address,"

Hanks said. "You had to reach her by beeper. That's not right."

As a result, Hanks said, she used the address on Prescott's

divorce papers, which she obtained July 11 from Nassau County.

Members of the council said this week they should have been

given copies of the documents.

"That's not something that would be normally copied to the

council," Hanks said. "That was just for my records."

Hanks also said the council showed little interest in the

document when resident Connie Grubbs flashed the papers at an

earlier meeting.

"That document was introduced to the council weeks ago," Hanks

said. "The council acted like that was the first time they heard

about it. They just didn't want to hear it."

Meanwhile, the former vice mayor is upset that Hanks told the

council that Prescott indicated she had moved from the city.

"I never said that to her, ever," Prescott said. "That's a lie.

She was dreaming.

"That's the biggest crock of hooey I've ever heard," Prescott

said, adding that she is also upset her divorce papers were

being circulated. …

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