Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

What's So Macho about Driving a Car?

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

What's So Macho about Driving a Car?

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Automotive traffic on Florida A1A on a recent Sunday struck a

huge nerve with me.

How many of those drivers really needed 2 to 4 tons of moving

steel to travel their appointed rounds? Many of the cars carried

only a driver. I'll wager few were transporting more than 10

pounds of cargo.

My early afternoon run took me across A1A and through Jarboe

Park. It was a beautiful, blustery day. Crossing A1A was a

chore. I had to run two blocks down A1A just to jaywalk. It was

just too pretty a day to be packed in a moving can, burning

fuel, causing a traffic jam.

I challenge that real men and women burn glycogen (fuel made in

our liver), not fossil fuel for fun. Bicyclists burn about 40 to

75 calories a mile depending upon personal efforts and fitness

levels. Our exhaust fumes, carbon dioxide, are traded with plant

life for oxygen.

Certainly, there are genuine needs for a car. True needs and

wants are two different things. Most of my grocery shopping

trips will fit into one of my backpacks. This helps to prevent

impulse buying, saves paper bags and helps work up an appetite

for the newly purchased food.

If I were buying for a family for a week, certainly no backpack

would suffice, but that forgotten gallon of milk or box of

cereal does not require a Cadillac for transport.

My spring and summer challenge is this. Try to go one Saturday

or Sunday a month without driving your car. Real emergencies are

exempt. Give your body and the quality of beach life a boost one

day a month. Bike to soccer games, art or music festivals, down

to mail a letter or to pick up a newspaper.

Do it for your health. Don't use that overworked car just for a

simple trip to a SeaWalk Pavilion festival. Give it a break.

Fire up your own metabolism.

A recent radio show featured a report on the increased rate of

snowmobile injuries. …

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