Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Corn Bread Pushes 'Sweet' Envelope

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Corn Bread Pushes 'Sweet' Envelope

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Corn bread brings back memories of my grandmother. It was one

of the mainstays of her life. She wouldn't think of eating greens

or fresh vegetables without it.

I can still see her beating the eggs, adding milk and dry

ingredients, and last of all, melted shortening.

I can hear the sizzle the batter made when she poured it into

a hot iron frying pan shimmering with more melted shortening.

She always served it in pie-shaped wedges, slit open and

slathered in butter -- the outside golden, greasy and crunchy,

the inside light.

When they make corn bread, all the members of the Times-Union

Consumer Panel use the same thing -- Jiffy Cornbread Mix.

Two panelists also make theirs from scratch.

They had a chance to try something different this week when

they baked Martha White Golden Honey Cornbread mix.

One-sixth of an 8-inch corn bread contains 110 calories, 7.5

gms fat, 280 mgs sodium, 5gms sugar and no cholesterol.

When it came to describing the flavor of the Martha White corn

bread, the word panelists most often used was sweet; some said

too sweet. Only two will buy it again.

"I learned to make corn bread from my mother-in-law," said

retired high school counselor Edna Stringer. "I lived with her in

Georgia during World War II while my husband was in the service.

She would put a little of this and a little of that but never

used a recipe."

Stringer said when she made corn bread she always used white

cornmeal, but now she sometimes mixes white and yellow meal


She served the Martha White corn bread, which she described as

very sweet and crumbly, with collard greens and ham and said,

"It's too sweet to eat with vegetables. It would make a nice

sweet like one of the recipes on the package."

Neither Alva Isaac or her husband, Lonnie, liked the Martha

White corn bread. …

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