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Newspaper article The Florida Times Union


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********** CORRECTION (8/7/97)

Because of information from Knight-Tribune News Service, a

Newsmakers item on June 13 said Harrison Ford "faked" being a

conscientious objector during the Vietnam War. He did not.

His conscientious objector petition was based on his philosophy

studies, not a religious affiliation. Ford said in the July

edition of Movieline magazine that the petition "confused them

[federal officials] so badly that they never took action" on

his petition.



Harrison Ford confesses to having avoided fighting in Vietnam by

declaring himself a conscientious objector, then faking it. "My

conscientious objection wasn't based on a history of religious

affiliation," he says in an interview in the July issue of

Movieline magazine. He adds that he was never classified a CO.

Ford, just out of college at the time, said he wrote a long

thesis on the nature of God as not a being but rather the

ultimate meaning in his life. "I typed for days and sent it off

and never heard a word." Two years later, he said, his wife got

pregnant, and he got a draft exemption for that.


Rosie O'Donnell paid a hefty fine for losing an especially rare

book from the Bethel, Conn. Public Library: the library's only

copy of Meg Ryan's high school yearbook. The talk show host

donated $1,000 to the library after she borrowed the book for a

guest appearance by Ryan. "Meg was so excited because she lost

hers," a spokes woman for the show said yesterday. "And Rosie

said, 'Sure, take it.' How could she say no?" Ryan, then known

as Margaret "Peggy" Hyra, graduated from Bethel High in 1979.

Researchers for Rosie's show asked the town library whether they

could borrow the yearbook for a May 20 taping with the actress. …

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