Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Heart Day Demands Too Hard

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Heart Day Demands Too Hard

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Many calendars have a big red heart on the square for Friday,

Feb. 14.

As we all know, a heart on the calendar is the international

symbol advising people to give the dog its heartworm pill.

Try telling that to a flowerless wife at 9 p.m. Friday, but

first make sure you have medical insurance.

Valentine's Day is the actual reason for the heart. St.

Valentine probably didn't even have a dog, and even if he did,

with a name like Valentine you can bet it was a miniature poodle

or some yappy lap dog.

Valentine's Day is that special day of romance when people

express their affections with candy, flowers and other gifts. It

also is a day when many florists wish they were diesel


Francene Roberson of the Garden Shop Florist in Brunswick said

the biggest problem always is the last-minute buyers.

"They come in and stand here in our face five minutes before 5

o'clock and want them delivered. They want us to lie and say

they ordered them the day before and we forgot," Roberson said.

The person who orders way in advance is like a prize-winning

rose to the florist, except for one small problem.

"Everybody wants it delivered to their beloved at 10:30 in the

morning," Roberson said.

That way, everybody who works in the office can see the flowers

and know how loving and thoughtful the husband or boyfriend is.

"If their co-workers don't see it, it doesn't count," she said.

Paul Walker at Ed Sapp Florist in Waycross says Valentine's Day

is uplifting and upbeat, but maddening.

On the uplifting side, many suitors order a dozen roses and

send along marriage proposals.

One man sent an engagement ring displayed in a bed of roses of


"It worked. She said yes. In fact, she sent flowers back

accepting," Walker said.

Some of the tokens sent along aren't as intimate. …

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