Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

`Good Guys Win' in New CBS Series `Coast to Coast'

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

`Good Guys Win' in New CBS Series `Coast to Coast'

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Coast to Coast, which makes its debut at 9 p.m. tomorrow on

CBS, is a news show that promises stories "where the good guys

win for a change."

Coming up in the premiere: A story about the mayor of Utica,

N.Y., who, despite the fact he is a multimillionaire with a home

in Paris, chose to stay in his ailing hometown to save it from


CBS News veteran Bernard Goldberg and MTV alum Alison Stewart

are among the correspondents on the series, which is unusual

primarily because it's not built around a New York studio or

anchor. Instead, reporters are dispatched to cities and towns in

search of stories the network claims "the rest of television has


(ABC's Person of the Week feature on World News Tonight is

among features making that an arguable point.)

Goldberg, who worked on the start-up of 48 Hours and the

now-deceased Eye to Eye, said the time is right for a TV

newsmagazine showing a different part of America.

"I think right now in America we are seeing entirely too much

incivility and too much coarseness, too much nastiness," he told

visiting critics.

Coast to Coast is billed as a limitedrun series.

High-priced miniseries: What's the most expensive TV miniseries

of all time? Based on cost per hour, Gulliver's Travels, last

season's NBC blockbuster which cost a reported $28 million and

ran four hours, enjoyed the distinction. (ABC's Winds of War and

War and Remembrance cost more, but ran a total of 47 hours.)

This spring, two long-form dramas airing on NBC -- Asteroid and

The Odyssey -- both will exceed Gulliver's hourly price tag.

The Odyssey , set for May 18-19, is a recreation of Homer's

classic story starring Armand Assante as Odysseus, King of


Filmed in Turkey, Malta and England, the four-hour take

features a cast including Greta Scacchi, Isabella Rossellini and

Eric Roberts. …

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