Teachers Resist End to Tenure Duval Educators Oppose Limit on Job Security

Article excerpt

A proposal to do away with tenure for Florida's public school

teachers is drawing the ire of the Duval County teachers union

and concern from some area teachers.

"It's a gimmick, a quick fix that won't fix anything," said

Lynne Lucas, executive vice president of the union. She

said union members will lobby against the plan.

At Sandalwood High School, first-year teacher Duane Hagstrom

worried the proposal would mean less job security in his future.

"You feel safer if you have tenure," he said. "I guess right

now, I just wait and see what happens."

The proposal was announced Wednesday at a joint news conference

with legislative leaders and Education Commissioner Frank

Brogan. It's one of the goals for education reform they've

identified for the upcoming legislative session.

Essentially, the proposal abolishes the tenure extended to

Instead, teachers hired after this July would have contracts

ranging from one to three years and could be let go when the

contracts expire.

Supporters say it's all designed to make it easier for

administrators to fire incompetent tenured teachers, a process

that now takes at least two years.

But Lucas said tenure provides needed job protection, not a job

guarantee. …


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