Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Attention, Woody: Hack Off

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Attention, Woody: Hack Off

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DENVER -- The column in yesterday's Denver Post told the whole

story of neglect and disrespect. Here they were, the hottest

team in the AFC, and the Jacksonville Jaguars were being treated

as the NFL's version of Alcorn State.

"Yo, Jags," the Post headline blared. "It's time to hit the

road, Jack."

And underneath the headline was a scathing article by Post

columnist Woody Paige, who went so far as to write that the

Jaguars belonged in the USFL or the World League.

"How do you get worked up to play somebody called Jacksonville

with a bunch of nobodies?" Paige railed. "Who wants to hurl

insults and snowballs at the Jagwads? . . . The tanned, rested

and ready Broncos will invalidate the Jagwads. Instead of `The

Drive' and `The Fumble,' Denver-Jacksonville will be known as

the `The Blowout.' . . . This is where you get off, Jagwads.

"Can we get a legitimate NFL team in here next Sunday?"

Yo, Woody Wood-Hacker, the only NFL team you're going to have

in this relic of a stadium next week is your beloved and

perennially overrated Broncos. They'll be right here at home

while the, ahem, "Jagwads" -- yep, that sorry bunch of USFL

nobodies -- will be playing for the AFC Championship and the

right to go to the Super Bowl.

You remember the Super Bowl, right Woody? That's the big game

at the end of the year that your gaggin' Broncos have never won.

I'll be the first to admit that bulletin-board material

supplied by the local fish wrap usually isn't worth the paper

it's written on, but Woody Wood-Hacker's column was so insulting

that even the Jaguars coaches were hinspired by it.

"You bet I read it and you bet it upset me," Jaguars coach Tom

Coughlin said after the dominating 30-27 victory over the

Broncos. "It was uncalled for. I don't mind being called an

expansion team, but for someone to abuse our name after what

we've put into this program . . . that bothers me a lot."

Screamed defensive line coach John Pease: "Tell Woody that the

golden rule is that you cannot write a check that your body

can't cash! …

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