Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Echo We're Hearing Comes from Spurrier

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Echo We're Hearing Comes from Spurrier

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NEW ORLEANS -- It has taken on a life of its own. It has

festered and fed itself into a living, breathing media monster:

The Tape.

You cannot escape it, you can not destroy it, you cannot stop

it, you cannot even hope to contain it. It is everywhere you

turn. It is ingrained in the brains of every one you talk to.

It knows when you are sleeping, it knows when you're awake.

You lie there in bed, afraid to sleep. Afraid because you know

that when you finally doze off, it will invade your dreams, too.

That's right, this menacing 7-foot-tall Sony videocassette

cartridge will attack you, hold a sharp, cold object to your

throat and say in a raspy voice: "You watch me or you die."

The Tape, of course, is the video compiled from the last

evidence of what he claims were a hseries of late and

excessively violent hits by FSU's defense against UF quarterback

Danny Wuerffel.

The Tape has been in circulation for about a month, but had

only been shown in small, private screenings in Gainesville. But

now, it is threatening to surpass Springsteen's Born to Run Tour

for No. 1 on the bootleg charts. ESPN reviewed The Tape on

SportsCenter two days ago and USA Today ran its take on The Tape

on the front page of yesterday's sports section.

At the media hospitality room at the Sugar Bowl two nights ago,

a dozen sports writers from around the nation held a

tape-watching session, rewinding and freeze-framing each hit and

judging it on both lateness and cleanliness. And then they

reached the unanimous verdict that . . . free beer is indeed the

best beer.

No video compilation has gotten this much media play since the

Zapruder film of the Kennedy assassination. And just like that

video, this one doesn't show for sure whether or not those shots

coming from the Grassy 'Noles were the product of a conspiracy. …

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